Tricare Vision Provider

We are proud to be a Tricare Vision Provider

Tricare Vision Provider

Our eye doctor proudly serves in the Colorado Air National Guard as their optometrist, and she is proud to provide military eye care for:  Tricare Prime, Tricare Reserve Select, and Tricare West.

What does Tricare Cover?


  • Tricare covers one eye exam every year.  
  • Unfortunately, they do not cover frame or lenses. That is an out of pocket expense.
  • If you have not met your out-of-pocket deductible for the year, your eye exam will go towards that and you will be responsible for the cost.

What if I have Tricare Prime?

Tricare Vision Silverthorne

  • We can still see you with Tricare Prime, however, it does require a referral to be seen off base by our eye doctor.
  • Contact your base clinic and have them issue you a referral number before your appointment.
  • Need help with the referral?  Let us know and we can reach out to help get that referral for you.