Sports Vision Enhancement

 Sports vision training works on improving the visual abilities of an athlete that are most necessary for excellence in their sport. Some of these abilities include eye-hand coordination, dynamic visual acuity, tracking, focusing, visual reaction time, and peripheral vision. All activities are done on a sport specific basis with a custom tailored program for each sport and athlete. Therefore, a program for a tennis player will emphasize eye-hand coordination and dynamic visual acuity whereas a program for a golfer will concentrate on visual alignment and depth perception to see the breaks in the greens.

Many athletes are amazed at how we can predict their performance based on our findings from a visual screening. If you are having trouble getting to the next level in your particular sport even after stepping up your practice, you might have a visual problem limiting your success.

Why do Sports Vision Training

 Research shows that over 80% of what we learn comes from the visual system. That percentage goes up with sports because the eyes direct the dynamic movement of the body. Statistics taken from sports vision screenings at the Olympic and Junior Olympic level show that those athletes that brought home medals where those that had the best visual systems. Other statistics include:

30% had less than 20/20 vision

25% had decreased depth perception

26% had poor eye-hand coordination for the demands of their sport

12% had inaccurate eye movement abilities (tracking and able to keep their eyes on the ball)

Having visual difficulties in any of the areas discussed above will translate into difficulties on the field. However, all of these areas can be improved upon through the course of a sports vision therapy/enhancement program. Coaches often are amazed at how we can predict an athlete’s performance just by looking at their screening results. Athletes that step up their practice and training regimen but don’t achieve performance gains on the field, usually have a visual difficulty that is hindering their performance.

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Synaptec Sports Strobe Glasses

Strobe glasses are utilized by professional sports teams to improve the speed and accuracy of visual processing. We also utilize these in our sports vision training.

Synaptec Vision Trainer

The Synaptec Sensory Station is a state-of-the -art sensory evaluation and training device designed to assess the visual and sensory performance of the modern athlete.  Each athlete is tested on 10 sports related visual and sensory skills using a custom app that communicated directly with high definition and touch screen monitors integrated directly in the system.  Individual performance can be compared instantly to our athlete database system and compared by position, sport and competition level to produce a custom athlete profile.  Every athlete report identifies areas of improvement and recommends a course of action.


Synaptec Sensory Station Read-out, the machine used to evaluate visual and sensory performance.

Synaptec Sensory Station Read-out, the machine used to evaluate visual and sensory performance.